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Cartridge Valves | Parker NA

Parker's manifold cartridge valves are an innovative, yet simplified alternative to solenoid operators and stud mount valves. Our cartridge valves offer numerous features and benefits including a space-saving approach, less manifold machining for a lower manifold cost, and no manifold orifices to machine or press in. Additionally, cartridge valves are 100% tested and there are no loose parts ...

2 Way Poppet Type Solenoid Valve · Where to Buy

2-way cartridge valves, directional functions

2-way cartridge valve | LC; LFA 3/102 RE 21010, edition: 2017-05, Bosch Rexroth AG Function, sections, symbol 2-way cartridge valves are elements that have been designed for a compact block design. The power section with connections A and B is installed into the control block in a receiving hole standardized according to ISO 7368 and

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Designing for Hydraulic Valve Blocks Factory Suppliers ...

1. The shape of the valve block is generally rectangular hexahedron. 2. The valve block material should be 35 steel forgings or continuous casting blanks. 3. The maximum side length of the valve block should not be greater than 600mm, and the number of two-way cartridge valve inserts included should not be greater than 8. 4.

easy injection molder maker in russia

easy injection molder maker in russia . superior injection machine maker in russia_High-speed ... superior injection machine maker in russia. Superior Turbo & Injection Since 1979 - +1 (313) 842-4616 Superior Turbo & Injection - since 1979 your international source for turbochargers, fuel injectors, high-performance parts, service, and much more, based in Detr.

2-way cartridge valves, pressure and directional functions

2-way cartridge valves, pressure and directional functions Features ... Characteristic curves for selecting orifices 81 Orifices and plug screws 82 Further information 83. x = Rz1max 4 y = Rz1max 8 z = 0,0025- / Pt max 16 ØD2 ØD1H7 ØD3 (ØD3*) H1 H8 H7 H6 H5 H2 H3 R u R o 15° ...

2-way cartridge valves - directional function RA …

2-way cartridge valves - directional function Cartridge valve model LC... Control cover model LFA... K 3311/10 K 3315/10 ... shuttle valve K 3314/3 RA 21 010/06.98 Replaces: 81 010 Contents Description Page Functional description 2 Cartridge valve model LC: – Ordering details 2

2-way cartridge valves – pressure functions RA …

Cartridge valve: LC..DB... The cartridge valve (1) for the pressure relief function (model LC.. DB..) is a poppet valve with no area differential (no effective area at port B). The pilot signal at port A is fed via pilot oil orifice (5) to the spring side (6) of the element. At pressures below the setting of pilot valve (4) forces on cartridge ...

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